The National Association of Professional Sourcing Agents (NAPSA) has been created to provide Sourcing Agents across the UK with Support, Guidance and access to Training which, all together increase the credibility and professionalism of its members.

Property Investors

NAPSA will also provide the first search facility for Property Investors in the UK to find a Sourcing Agent who has provided proof of a high level of
sourcing compliance and professionalism to be accepted as a member, with continued monitoring to help ensure standards remain high.

NAPSA Recognition

Recognition of the NAPSA logo will show potential investors that you take operating a sourcing business seriously and have provided proof of a high level of compliance to be accepted as a member.

Find a Sourcing Agent

Ensure that you are visible to potential clients looking to use sourcing services in your area. As a member your services will be visible within our searchable database of members.

CPD Opportunities

Required for continued membership of NAPSA these also show a continuing commitment to professionalism and improving knowledge.

Free and Discounted Events

We hold a range of webinars which, will be Free for members. Discounts will also be available on any full-day conference held. Both are provided to help support skill development and raise awareness about any imminent changes in Legislation, Regulation, Code of Conduct.

Training Discounts

Our focus is to raise awareness, knowledge and professionalism in the sourcing sector and so members have discounted access to various training programmes supplied by Professional Sourcing Compliant (PSC) trading as Get Property Compliance. Both online and face-to-face training programmes are available to ensure that members continue to meet Regulatory Training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as required.