Our Partners

At NAPSA we understand that we can’t do everything on our own and so forming key partnerships with other professionals is an important part of the valuable service we provide our members.

The Property Ombudsman (TPO)

TPO has been providing the property sector with an Ombudsman service since 1990.

As the only Ombudsman within the private property sector and with over 30 years of experience, TPO has an unrivalled level of expertise that will help NAPSA agents set the bar for other sourcing agents to follow.


Insurance-Desk Services have exclusive insurance products for property agents & property sourcing clients.  These ensure all your property activities are covered correctly at very competitive prices. 

They can accommodate all types of experience including start-ups and will support you throughout the life cycle of your policy.

Professional Sourcing Compliance (PSC)

PSC provides custom online and in-person training for Property Sourcers and Deal Packagers, all guided by Compliance Expert Tina Walsh.

Courses range from Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundering, through to training on sourcing and completing a deal – all legally, efficiently and compliantly.

Blue Bricks Magazine

We’re more than a magazine. We’re a community. A community that is dedicated to arming you with the knowledge and network you need to take your portfolio to the next level.

The magazine itself contains everything you need from a property magazine and more. It has case studies on interesting projects that are completely unique. These case studies tell it all, as the authors outline the mistakes they made, the money it cost, and how you can avoid doing the same.

Blue Bricks Magazine Logo

Interested in becoming a Partner?

We are always open to working with new partners who are keen to bring change and progression to our sector. If you’re interested to find out more, please get in touch by clicking to our contact us form below.