The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) has been providing the property sector with an Ombudsman service since 1990. As the only Ombudsman within the private property sector and with over 30 years of experience, TPO has an unrivalled level of expertise that will help NAPSA agents set the bar for other sourcing agents to follow.

What is TPO?

Alongside providing redress for consumers if things go wrong, as an approved Ombudsman, TPO also carries out a number of other important functions, designed to resolve disputes early and help businesses improve standards, such as:

Front-end Consumer Enquiries Services

These services help to resolve issues before they become formal complaints through providing advice and guidance at an early stage. This benefits TPO and NAPSA as they reduce the time, cost and resources of you having to deal with formal complaints.

Improving Standards

As an Ombudsman scheme, TPO feeds back the general lessons learnt from the cases and enquiries we deal with so stakeholders, including NAPSA members, can improve standards and by doing so improve their businesses.

NAPSA & TPO Partnership

NAPSA & TPO share the same objectives of helping sourcing agents set up and run legal, compliant and ethical agencies. As an Ombudsman, TPO’s role is to help prevent disputes before they happen through evidence-based learning to improve standards.

As NAPSA grows, TPO will work with NAPSA members to provide this learning to help them develop their businesses and provide their clients with an excellent service.

TPO Membership

TPO membership is a requirement of NAPSA membership. To join TPO, you’ll need to join the scheme – you can find out more information by clicking below.

Consumer Complaints

Complaints do sometimes happen. If you receive a complaint, be sure to respond to it in accordance with the NAPSA Code of Practice. The guidelines in the code are there to help you to resolve problems should they occur, so please take the time to read them.

If the complainant remains unsatisfied following your responses, please direct them here: The Property Ombudsman – The Property Ombudsman (