It can be challenging to get access to quality, bespoke, competitive, fit-for-purpose insurance cover for the property sourcing sector. Insurance Desk has many years experience working within this sector and has now partnered with NAPSA to help support it’s members with an insurance policy specifically created for sourcing agents and deal packagers.

Who are Insurance-Desk Services

Insurance-Desk Services are an independent insurance broker specialising in a wide variety of commercial insurance products. 

For 15 years+, we’ve been providing professional advice, excellent service and competitive premiums.  Our owner has also sourced many properties over the years so we understand the Property industry.

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Insurance-Desk & NAPSA

Insurance is a key part of de-risking your business.  We pride ourselves on making sure businesses have the correct insurance and have claims support if things do go wrong.  This can help keep your business running and assists with a key part of being complaint as part of your NAPSA membership.

We strive to help as many Property Agents as possible which runs in conjunction with the objectives of NAPSA to run a compliant sourcing business.  

Insurance-Desk provides exclusive discounts for NAPSA Members.  If you’re not a member you can still get a quote by completing the form below. 


Insurance-Desk and NAPSA Partnership

Getting the Right Cover

Covering your business is so important. It can be a lifeline if you do suffer a claim.

Professional Indemnity cover can often be complex so ensuring you have the right cover is not easy.  Working with NAPSA is a great opportunity for us to help as many Property Sourcing agents insure correctly.  We also understand the property industry so can recommend other products that can help protect your business.

Having the correct cover also ensures you have support if things do go wrong.  Defence costs in respect of a claim can alone amount to a sizeable sum.  Having a professional in your corner can alleviate time, stress and funds, allowing you to continue your focus on your business.

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Insurance-Desk Levels of Cover

Depending on the level of cover you require, we have provided a pricing structure guide to give you an idea of the sort of pricing you should except to pay for insurance each year.

  • £100k Indemnity:- From under £220
  • £250k Indemnity: From under £270
  • £500k Indemnity: From under £380
  • £1 million Indemnity: From under £450
  • Higher limits available if required


NAPSA Members can obtain up to 20% exclusive discount on insurance. Members, click below to access your form (make sure you’re logged in!)


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Get an Insurance Quote

Insurance-Desk have provided the questions below so they can customise a quote directly for your business. To receive your quote, please complete all answers below and agree to share your information.

NAPSA Members, you can access to up to 20% discount on insurance – please log in to your account and complete this form. 


The data we collect, including any personal and sensitive data, will only be contractual information necessary solely to provide a quotation and policy. It will be shared with insurers and other bodies involved in arranging and administering your insurance only for that purpose, and if you refuse to provide any of the information requested, we will be unable to quote or offer cover.