Finding Professional Sourcing Agents Couldn’t Be Easier

Finding compliant sourcing agents couldn't be easier with our free platform

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Finding Professional Sourcing Agents Couldn’t Be Easier

Are you a property investor looking to grow your portfolio? Not sure if you should use a sourcing agent as you’ve heard bad things?

We are here to show you that searching and connecting with professional and compliant sourcing agents is completely possible, and very easy to do. We’ve created this short 30 second guide on how you can use NAPSA free platform to search, review, and message our property sourcing agents.

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What Makes NAPSA Sourcing Agents Different?

It’s true, sourcing has a bad reputation and see as the ‘wild west’ at times, which is why we have worked to build a credible and free platform for investors to use to search for professional sourcing agents.

What makes our sourcing agents different, is the checks they have to go through before they become searchable on our platform.

Every single agent must go through 25 rigorous checks, including:

  • Registrations
  • Insurance
  • Training
  • Legally Required Documents
  • Contracts

We interrogate all elements of compliance to make sure our sourcing agents meet the current national minimum compliance standards.

Not only that, once a sourcing agent becomes approved and searchable on our platform, we monitor their compliance and professionalism throughout the year. If they can’t maintain the standards expected, they are no longer searchable.

Thankfully, as serious as all of this sounds, all of the members we have coming through are keen to operate legally, compliantly and professionally – which makes our jobs much easier when it comes to searching!

Want to Know More?

You can register with us for free to get more tips and tools for keeping your business safe when working with sourcing agents.

We will also carry out a search of our platform for you, and send agents your way to review!

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Any questions, our team is here to help – contact [email protected]