Member Spotlight: Better Bricks Property

South East based Better Bricks Property Group specialise in BTL, HMO and Commercial investment projects.

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Member Spotlight:                  Better Bricks Property


Our latest NAPSA Member Spotlight, focus’s on Tim Butterfield, Director of South East based Better Bricks Property Group and how he got into property sourcing and what advice he would give to others looking to enter the property sourcing sector.

About Better Bricks Property Group

Bricks specialises in helping overseas investors find suitable UK investment properties. These investors tend to face more challenges when it comes to things like financing and tax implications, and on top of this they will likely never be able to view the property. Our contacts are also specialists in dealing with foreign investors, which helps to make the entire process as seamless as possible. We are based in Oxfordshire where you tend to find really robust capital growth. We are focused on BTL and HMO but can also source commercial properties

Geographical Area: South East – Oxford

Focus Strategies: Buy-To-Let (BTL), HMO & Commercial.

What does NAPSA Membership mean to you and your business?

Joining NAPSA was a simple decision for me. I viewed this from the lens of an investor: if I were one, with so many sourcers to choose from, I know that I would want one who is fully compliant. NAPSA members have separated themselves by showing the dedication to be part of this organisation. I am hoping to use NAPSA to help me to connect with serious investors, keep up to date with important regulatory updates to the sector, and improve my knowledge of the sourcing industry.

Why did you start a property sourcing business?

I have studied and worked in property for about a decade now. I love the industry and am always looking for ways to put my skills and knowledge to good use. I think there is a hole in the market for international sourcing specialists and think it presents a great opportunity for those who are overseas and finding it difficult to buy property in the UK.

What made you choose your sourcing location?

I moved to Oxford and obtained my masters in real estate at Oxford Brookes University about 4 years ago. I did not have a car so spent all of my time walking the streets, getting to know the market and submarkets very well. I have since moved to another Oxfordshire town which has helped me to understand the surrounding area a bit, which can offer stronger rental returns than Oxford city centre.

What has been your most interesting or favourite experience in the property sector so far?

I am originally from the U.S. where I worked in the commercial property industry for several years. I was given the task of leasing a very old, run down retail building that had not been occupied in over a decade. Through months of hard work and canvassing the local market, I established a great relationship with a local business owner who leased the building for 10 years. It increased the value of the centre by millions of dollars which I was incredibly proud of.

What would you like to see from the sourcing sector?

More regulation. There are too many sourcers in the UK giving the sector a bad name. I think more regulation would help to establish a more legitimate face for the industry and help us all out!

What makes your business different to other sourcing agents?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I don’t think most sourcers are jumping to work with overseas investors as they can be more challenging and more work than those in the UK. However we focus on foreign investors looking to buy in the UK so you can be sure that we are experts in overcoming any issues that may come up.

What would you advise to someone looking to get into the property sourcing sector?

How does the process work?

Any advice you would give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

Understand the good, the bad, and the ugly before jumping in. You can figure out the ‘good’ within 5 minutes of research on YouTube or similar: great potential to make money and set yourself up to live independently of a 9-5 job; relatively low initial investment; etc. However it is important to fully understand the time commitments, legal implications, and overall challenges of this venture before starting it.

What’s your business goal for the future?

I eventually want to become an investor myself.

Tim Butterfield, Director – Better Bricks Property Group

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