Member Spotlight: Christopher Neil White Ltd

South Yorkshire based company, Christopher Neil White Ltd focus on honesty, credibility and trust when working with BTL investors

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Member Spotlight:                       Christopher Neil White Ltd


In our next NAPSA Member Spotlight, we ask experienced South Yorkshire property sourcing business, Christopher Neil White Ltd, about what makes them tick in this industry and why they are focused on running a compliant business.

About Us

Welcome to Christopher Neil White Ltd, where we seamlessly bridge the gap between investment and investors in the dynamic world of real estate.

Our company is dedicated to enhancing the value of your investments while providing a lucrative opportunity for investors seeking to grow their portfolios.

Building that professional working relationship with honesty, credibility and trust is at the heart of all we do.

Geographical Area: Yorkshire and the Humber

Focus Strategy: Buy-to-Let (BTL)

Chris White, Director
Why did you want to become a sourcer?

Always been interested in property. The business relationship you develop with the investor is long lasting.

Why did you want to become a sourcer?

Access to more investors – either a database or face to face meets. More networking opportunities.

What was your favourite sourced deal?

My first one – was actually a D2V deal!

Why did you join NAPSA?

Very professional like Tina and Tony (CEO and Director of NAPSA) and their values and what they stand for – honesty and credibility, always on hand for any questions/help.

Any advice you’d give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

Get compliant with all regulations in place. Do research on the area you want to source in. Be patient.

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Get in Touch

NAPSA profile:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 7967 635 513

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We’re always on the look out for professional property sourcing and deal packaging agents looking to get found by investors. You don’t have to be fully compliant to join – all our Members get 25% off training and documents, so if you’re just setting up now could be the perfect time to get your business on board!