Member Spotlight: Eight Property Group

Lancashire based, Eight Property Group specialise in BRR, BTL & Flip investment properties throughout the North West region.

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Member Spotlight:            Eight Property Group


In our next NAPSA Member Spotlight, we asked Nick Leadbetter, Director of North West based
Eight Property Group why he got into this sector and what advice he would give to others.

About Eight Property Group

Eight Property Group is a husband and wife team from the Fylde Coast, Lancashire – Nick and Sarah-Jayne focus on residential strategies which include BRR, BTL and Flips throughout the North West, covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside . They are keen property investors themselves with a decade of experience in property renovations and flip projects.

Geographical Areas: North West – Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Focus Strategies: Buy Refurb Refinance (BRR), Buy-To-Let (BTL), Flip.

Why did you want to become a sourcer?

We recognised the value of capital-appreciating assets and started investing in property 10 years ago via the primary through residence strategy (which we still do). The Covid-19 pandemic emphasised the need for multiple income streams, leading us to diversify into flips using our knowldege and expertise. Many express an interest in property investment but lack time or knowledge, so property sourcing lets us assist them in reaching their goals.

What would you like to see from the sourcing sector?

I would like to get to a point where all Investors engage approved members via NAPSA in order to reduce the number of negative experiences with poor or non-compliant Sourcers. In turn this will help to increase the image and reputation of the Sourcing sector. I feel there is opportunity for NAPSA members to collaborate with other members across the UK to raise the profile of NAPSA and the importance of using a reputable Agent. NAPSA networking events would help foster those relationships.

Why did you join NAPSA?

We joined NAPSA to uphold industry credibility and the highest standards of compliance. Our priority is maintaining brand reputation and providing top-tier service to investors. Being a member of NAPSA ensures that we align with reputable sourcing agents and distance ourselves from unreliable and unethical practices.

Any advice you’d give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

Sourcing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; it requires time and effort. It’s a slow but steady process that may divert attention from larger/faster income generating strategies but it;s rewarding when done right. If balancing sourcing with other commitments, prioritise building relationships with investors first. “Find the deal and the money will follow” is bullsh*t! If you decide that Sourcing is right for you, then I strongly recommend buying the full training course from Property Sourcing Compliance and then commit to getting up there with the best!

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