Member Spotlight: MiMO Sourcing

West Yorkshire based family-run property business, MiMO Sourcing, specialise in BTL, Flip, HMO and Lease Options, and more for investors

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Member Spotlight:                       MiMO Sourcing


In our next NAPSA Member Spotlight, we look at MiMO Sourcing – family-run property sourcing company based in West Yorkshire, to see how they find the sector and what they’ve learned since starting sourcing.

About Us

We are a family business with our own property portfolio. We’ve spent the last few years finding properties to build our own investment portfolio. Now we find properties for other investors to suit their strategies.

Geographical Areas: Yorkshire and the Humber

Focus Strategies: Buy-to-Let (BTL), HMO, Flip, Lease Option (LO), Assisted Sale (AS)

Why did you want to become a sourcer?

We kept finding great property deals that we weren’t in a position to act on. Instead of missing them, we now present them to other investors so they can reap the benefits.

What would you like to see from the sourcing sector?

Legal compliance and professional accountability.

What was your favourite sourced deal?

My very first one! It was a complex negotiation involving a listed building and commercial to-residential development. There were challenges around planning and Historic England involvement. It took 6 months to get over the line but we achieved a win/win for my clients.

Why did you join NAPSA?

I wanted to be part of professionalising the sourcing sector in the property industry. Membership provides reassurance to my clients and means I am constantly reviewing my work and maintaining high standards.

Any advice you’d give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

A background in property investment is always going to be useful. It means you can support your clients (who may be first-time investors) through the purchase process. A quality property education is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for you and your clients

David Burrow, Founder of MiMO Sourcing

Get in Touch

NAPSA profile:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 7793 552 446

Want to Get Your Sourcing Company Found?

We’re always on the look out for professional property sourcing and deal packaging agents looking to get found by investors. You don’t have to be fully compliant to join – all our Members get 25% off training and documents, so if you’re just setting up now could be the perfect time to get your business on board!