Member Spotlight: Source For Sports

Yorkshire and the Humber based company, Source for Sports have a passion for property and want to help sportspeople and private investors build hands free portfolios.

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Member Spotlight:                       Source For Sports


For this week’s NAPSA Member Spotlight, we asked Sam Olver and Jack Spittle from Yorkshire and the Humber property sourcing business, Source For Sports, about what drives them to work in this sector and what they bring to the table for potential investors.

About Us

We are both current professional rugby players in South Yorkshire. In sport you have to be ultra competitive which can give us the edge over our competitors. The skills and qualities we have learnt are easily transferable into sourcing and packaging the best possible deals for our clients.

Geographical Area: Yorkshire and the Humber

Focus Strategy: Buy-to-Let (BTL), Flip, BRR

Sam Olver and Jack Spittle – Directors of Source for Sports
Why did you want to become a sourcer?

We have a passion for property and wanted to help sportspeople and private investors alike build a hands free portfolio. Through sport we understand that you need to build financial security away from your day job and we believe property is a great way to do this.

What would you like to see from the sourcing sector?

We would really like to see more sourcers working together to fulfil their clients needs and wants.

What was your favourite sourced deal?

Our first. It was a great feeling to get that first one through after all the hard work that had gone in to setting up the business and becoming fully compliant.

Why did you join NAPSA?

Compliance is an integral part of any sourcing company and we believe NAPSA offered the most professional in-depth course which allowed us to start our deal packaging journey on the right foot.

Any advice you’d give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

It’s a none negotiable that you are fully compliant. There are a lot that aren’t and you want to distinguish yourself in the top percentage of sources.

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