Member Spotlight: Sure Property Group

Midlands property specialists, Sure Property Group provide insight into their experience in residential property including BTL, FLIP and AS.

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Member Spotlight:                       Sure Property Group


With extensive experience in residential property, we spoke to NAPSA Members, Sure Property Group, as part of our Spotlight series to find out more about their focus areas, company goals, and what they’d like to see for our sector in the future.

About Us

We are a specialist property agency with over 20 years of experience dealing with residential property. Over the years we have been providing bespoke sourcing for our clients to help them grow their portfolio’s.

Our mission is to maximise our clients property assets whilst delivering exceptional customer service. We take an individual approach to our clients needs and desires when it comes to their investments. We only source investments specific to our clients needs.

Geographical Areas: East & West Midlands

Focus Strategies: BTL, Flip, Assisted Sale (AS), Land/Development

Why did you want to become a sourcer?

We have been helping our current clients to source and grow their portfolio, we want to be able to offer this service to all investors.

What would you like to see from the sourcing sector?

I believe that the sourcing sector should be regulated to ensure that a minimum standard of sourcing standards is adhered to in the industry.

What was your favourite sourced deal?

My favourite deal with one clients was to source 3 new rental properties for a first time landlord.

The reason it’s one of my favourite was just the experience walking through the first time investor and educating him on what to buy and to watch his journey into growing his portfolio. He is now one of the teams favourite landlords.

Why did you join NAPSA?

To be part of the best regulated sourcing regulations and to add credibility to what we already do.

Any advice you’d give to people thinking of going into sourcing?

Gain the right knowledge, don’t assume that all the advice out their is the correct advice.

Having been an agent (sales & lettings) for nearly 20 years, the biggest mistake I see sourcers making is not understanding the property market, how agents operate and alienate people very quickly instead of networking and building relationships and find the right deal rather than a quick buck.

Get in Touch

NAPSA profile:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01283 537 120

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