NAPSA Member Upgrade Plans Jun-Aug 2024

Exciting updates for our Members in the next couple of months, including a brand new community!

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NAPSA Member Upgrade Plans Jun-Aug 2024

Thanks again to our Members who recently provided feedback and ideas on what tools, resources and information would help you to set up your businesses, get compliant, and then actually operate professionally.

We received so many valuable ideas that it was a challenge to work out what we could achieve first. However, we wanted to make sure we relayed all progress plans to our Members so you’re well aware of what is in the works and to look forward to.


We are already half-way through the month and have made significant changes to our platform. Let’s start with:

Member Spotlights

As demonstrated by approved Members, Christopher Neil White Ltd, we have a new Spotlight video design that it customisable for each of our members – including photos, text, quotes etc.

We want these to feel unique to your business and a way to provide a snapshot of your services to investors on social media. For each Spotlight, Members will receive 2x video sizes as well as static frames to be posted out individually.

We will share every video on our NAPSA YouTube and Vimeo accounts to give them a little extra nudge in the property sourcing world!

Member Profiles

We’ve made huge changes to our profile designs as part of Phase One; giving our Members scope to customise specifically for their business including an overview section, custom FAQs, as well as an image gallery.

Investors can also now message sourcing agents directly from their profiles, completing more details about the services they are looking for – helping to make it easier for our agents to respond with relevant information.

Webinar: Material Information

Our next NAPSA Member Webinar will be on 27th June, covering everything sourcing agents need to understand about NTSELAT’s Material Information guidance.

Incredibly useful when talking about deals and general services of your business, so that you can giving ‘consumers’ the right information. Tickets for the webinar will be available to Members from Monday 17th June.


Social and Presentation Templates

We know these are important to our Members, so we will be working on a batch of new templates for social to promote the services of compliant and professional NAPSA Members, as well as deal templates to be used when presenting deals to investors.

NAPSA Community

This will be a major new feature for our Members towards the end of July – a brand new private community. There will be two members levels to the community:

New Members

All Members can post questions, chat amongst each other, complete challenges – all focused around business set up and getting compliant.

Professional Members

Once a Member ‘graduates’ and becomes a fully approved NAPSA Member, they will be upgraded to the Professional Members group where the focus will shift to business development, operating professionally day to day, and of course how to stay compliant each year.

We hope that both of these groups will provide members with the right information at the right time to progress their businesses.


Announcements Emails

When one of our Members completes the 25 thorough compliance checks we carry out, we want to shout it from the rooftops – not just on social and on our Hub, but also across our email connections – including investors.

It’s important we emphasise the importance to investors of working with a NAPSA approved agent vs a sourcing agent who hasn’t been checked at all for compliance.

Video Interviews

What better way to promote the services you do than to talk about it yourself? We will be hosting interviews with all approved members who would like the opportunity, to explain what you do, how you’re different to others, and give investors a snapshot of you and your business before they get in touch!

We will start booking interviews in from August, with the plan to record from September.

Member Referrals

We want to grow our sourcing agent network across the whole of the UK, so we can help more agents get compliant and ultimately give investors a safe platform to search a wide range of agents – locations and specialisms.

To help in this effort, we are giving our members the opportunity to earn a cash reward for any new members that join NAPSA. More information on this will be available very soon for those interested!

Any questions, our team is here to help – contact [email protected]