NAPSA Partner: Professional Sourcing Compliance (PSC) Training

Taking a look at NAPSA Partner, Professional Sourcing Compliance (PSC) and the custom training they provide for our sector

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NAPSA Partner: Professional Sourcing Compliance (PSC) Training

A leading UK training provider, PSC specialises in providing easy-to-follow, bespoke training for Property Sourcers and Deal Packagers – helping to ensure that sourcing businesses not only meet current national minimum standards but also provide a professional service to their clients.

NAPSA works with PSC to provide Members with heavily discounted, bespoke training and to raise awareness of PSC’s easily accessible, detailed driven courses.

Who is PSC for?

PSC was set up to provide custom training for Property Sourcers and Deal Packagers, whether starting out or already operating. With all courses easily accessible, it is now possible to achieve ‘Full Compliance’ in one place!

What makes PSC different?

PSC was created to highlight that ‘Full Compliance’ is NOT insurance and a few registrations, but to achieve and maintain current National Minimum Standards.

This means you must take responsibility for your own company and how it should operate within multiple regulations and legislation – gaining a good understanding around day-to-day operation and client to client assessment.

PSC Training

A completely new and innovative take on training for the Property Sourcing and Deal Packaging sector.

PSC provides in-depth step-by-step approach to business setup, required documents and day-to-day operation – not just ‘what to do’ but, most importantly, ‘how to do it’.

Introduction to Sourcing

This course is for those who are still considering Property Sourcing or Deal Packaging as a potential business for them. If you are unsure about the basics of what ‘compliance’ looks like, by going through this course you will have a much better understanding as to whether Property Sourcing or Deal Packaging are actually for you or not!

Introduction to Sourcing – Is it For You?

Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering (required annually)

It is a legal requirement to have ‘at least annual’ training in both of these topics in order to maintain ‘full compliance’ year on year. Unlike the vast majority of courses available today, this course is bespoke for the Property Sourcing or Deal Packaging sector, giving you great insight into both Data Protection and Money Laundering risk factors and solutions for the sourcing and property investment sector.

Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Online Course

Day to Day Sourcing Compliance

A lot of training courses teach about the basics of:

  • Professional Indemnity insurance (PI)
  • Redress Scheme Registration
  • Data Protection Supervision Registration
  • Anti-Money Laundering Supervision Registration

What they don’t talk about is the key element – that YOU are being ‘Supervised’ to meet minimum standards! How you operate on a ‘day-to-day’ basis reflecting the regulations and meeting those minimum standards.

The Day to Day Sourcing Compliance Course covers the Property Sourcing process from start to finish, with compliance every step of the way; from finding an investor, to assessing for risk, to securing, finding an appropriate deal, securing, presenting and getting paid.

Day to Day Sourcing Compliance (online)

Legally Required Documents + Contracts

Understanding the process of sourcing is relatively straight forward. The hurdles start to increase when you learn that there are a significant number of ‘Legally Required’ documents that you MUST have in place – including Policies, Risk Assessments, Controls and Procedures. You must also be able to prove that you follow these for every client should you be inspected.

These documents are NOT:

  • Optional
  • Just one document fits all Property Sourcing or Deal Packaging businesses
  • Just add your company name and you are great to go
  • Just save to a folder or print and put on a bookshelf

Each document plays a key role in not only helping your business to meet minimum standards but also provide a consistent and professional service to each and everyone of your clients, current and future.

Property Sourcing Legally Required Documents + Contracts

Complete Sourcing Training Pack

For those who want to have access to all the training needed to set up and run a professional and fully compliant Property Sourcing or Deal Packaging company then this is for you. Every course that we created, all together, easily accessible, at a discounted price in comparison the buying individual courses.

Complete Property Sourcing Training Pack

You can view more information on our Training page, or go directly to PSC’s website.