Our New Partnership Brings Fit For Purpose Insurance to Property Sourcing Agents

Through our new Partner, Insurance-Desk Services, we are aiming to make it much simpler for Property Sourcing Agents to access reliable insurance

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Our New Partnership Brings Fit For Purpose Insurance to Property Sourcing Agents

We are very pleased to announce that we are officially partnering with Insurance-Desk Services, a critical player in the property sourcing and deal packaging sector as they are not only knowledgable, experienced and well-equipped to understand what we do, but they also provide exclusive insurance products just for property sourcing agents..

Who Are Insurance-Desk Services?

Insurance-Desk Services are an independent insurance broker specialising in a wide variety of commercial insurance products.  

For over 15 years, they have been providing professional advice, excellent service and competitive premiums to property sourcing agents and deal packers. As a bonus, Insurance-Desk’s owner, has experience property sourcing and so understands the requirements, risks and role of sourcing in the property industry.

Access to Gold-Dust Insurance for our Sector

As our sector is seen as ‘high-risk’ it has become much more difficult for property sourcers to get the simplest of insurance to cover their business sufficiently, which is why we have researched far and wide to provide a trust-worth service not only for our Members but to share with our sector generally.

“Covering your business is so important.  It can be a lifeline if you do suffer a claim.”

John Cox, Founder, Insurance-Desk Services

Benefits for NAPSA Members

As part of our Partnership, Insurance-Desk has kindly agreed to waver their fee from all quotes to NAPSA Members – so you could save up to 20% depending on the level of cover you require. This could be a large saving each year, especially when registrations and other costs mount up each year.

Insurance-Desk will also be providing useful information for our Members through webinars and Hub content based on specific themes throughout 2024 – we will announce more on this in the new year.

Level of Cover Insurance-Desk Provide

Depending on the level of cover you require, we have provided a pricing structure guide to give you an idea of the sort of quote you should except to pay for insurance from Insurance-Desk:

  • £100k Indemnity:- From under £220
  • £250k Indemnity: From under £270
  • £500k Indemnity: From under £380
  • £1 million Indemnity: From under £450
  • Higher limits available if required

NAPSA Members can obtain up to 20% exclusive discount on insurance. Find out more below on how to get a quote.

“Covering your business is so important.  It can be a lifeline if you do suffer a claim.”

Professional Indemnity cover can often be complex so ensuring you have the right cover is not easy.  Working with NAPSA is a great opportunity for us to help as many Property Sourcing agents insure correctly.  We also understand the property industry so can recommend other products that can help protect your business.

Having the correct cover also ensures you have support if things do go wrong.  Defence costs in respect of a claim can alone amount to a sizeable sum.  Having a professional in your corner can alleviate time, stress and funds, allowing you to continue your focus on your business.”

John Cox, Founder, Insurance-Desk Services

“It is becoming more and more difficult to get fit-for-purpose, competitively priced insurance as a sourcing agent or deal packager, this is why the partnership between NAPSA and Insurance Desk Services is so important for our sector. Insurance is often something that is easily over-looked or felt can be left for a while until it can be afforded, the problem is that you only really need something when you need it!”

Tina Walsh, Founder & CEO, NAPSA

How Do I Get a Quote?

We want to make sure our partnership supports not only members with discounts and information, but also our sector as a whole, which is why we’ve created a simple form for anyone interested in getting insurance with Insurance-Desk can complete.

To get your quote today, simple click the link for you below:

Get An Insurance Quote

NAPSA Members – Get a Discounted Quote

Want to find out more about Insurance-Desk Services? You can visit their NAPSA Partner page to get a quote, or visit their website directly at https://www.insurance-desk.com